All Moved In

After about a week of long trips to Ikea, hard labor, and lots and lots of sweat, I officially moved into my brand new apartment (thanks, mom and dad) and I’m officially a resident of Massachusetts!

I’m in love with my new place. It’s spacious and comfortable, it’s in a cute little neighborhood full of other students, and it’s only a brief walk away from campus. My roommates seem pretty cool too. I’m actually pretty excited about my living arrangements, and I am so happy to call this place home!

My Room

I might make a post later on about furnishing a small room because, let me tell you, I didn’t think we would be able to do it, and we had to get a little crafty at some points. Stay tuned if you’re interested.

I still have several things to do before class starts, including over 147 pages of reading for just one of my classes (yikes, but I signed up for this), but I’m glad I still have a week to get acclimated with the area before school begins.

Wish me luck,


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