All Moved In

After about a week of long trips to Ikea, hard labor, and lots and lots of sweat, I officially moved into my brand new apartment (thanks, mom and dad) and I’m officially a resident of Massachusetts!

I’m in love with my new place. It’s spacious and comfortable, it’s in a cute little neighborhood full of other students, and it’s only a brief walk away from campus. My roommates seem pretty cool too. I’m actually pretty excited about my living arrangements, and I am so happy to call this place home!

My Room

I might make a post later on about furnishing a small room because, let me tell you, I didn’t think we would be able to do it, and we had to get a little crafty at some points. Stay tuned if you’re interested.

I still have several things to do before class starts, including over 147 pages of reading for just one of my classes (yikes, but I signed up for this), but I’m glad I still have a week to get acclimated with the area before school begins.

Wish me luck,


About Four-Eyed Girl


My name is Nicole, and in a little over a week, I will officially be a 1L at Boston College. While, yes, I’m excited, as I worked pretty hard over the past four years to get to this point, it’s still a significant change, and it’s difficult to avoid feeling at least a little bit nervous. Will I struggle with the workload? Will I be able to perform well academically in a room full of peers who are just as smart or even smarter? Will I get cold called and publicly humiliated on my first day? Will I make friends?

One thing I’ve learned so far from talking to other incoming 1Ls is that I’m clearly not alone in my fears, and these thoughts are actually pretty normal. Also, I feel most at ease while reading/listening to the experiences of those who have been in my position before and survived. As a result, I felt inspired to document my experiences and the many lessons I will earn throughout my three-year program (as well as the many obstacles and challenges I faced to get to this point) in a blog.

But before I delve into some serious content, here’s a little bit about me:

  1. I graduated in May from Nova Southeastern University, a small school in South Florida, with a degree in communication studies and a minor in international law.
  2. I worked for my school newspaper for two and a half years and have a passion for writing (hence I chose a blog over a podcast or vlog).
  3. This is my first time moving away from home. I lived on campus during my last two years, but campus was only about 30 minutes away, and I frequently ate dinner at home and came home every weekend, so that doesn’t really count.
  4. I’m obsessed with dogs. All dogs. Big, small, young, old, short-haired, long-haired. It doesn’t matter. I will always try to pet them when I see them in public.
  5. I love history, and pouring tea into the Boston Harbor and visiting Salem on Halloween are at the top of my to-do list.
  6. I wear glasses all day, every day because I like them, but also because I failed my contact lens fitting (hence the blog name: my glasses have become a significant part of my identity, and there’s nothing I can do about it).
  7. Ice cream is my favorite food, and red and gold are my favorite colors.
  8. I’ve only seen snow twice before, and both times were in like elementary school. Boston winters will certainly be something to get used to.
  9. I love music and making playlists for my friends (hmu if you want one).
  10. I don’t know which type of law I’m going into yet, but that’s okay. I’m starting law school with an open mind.

Hopefully, this blog can serve as a resource for many other 1Ls who might be going through similar obstacles, as well as aspiring law students, but if you have any questions, comments, concerns or additional advice, please feel free to reach out!

Wish me luck,